Multi- tiered intelligent security. One purpose.

For you and your family’s security. 
Dolomite Templer incorporates multi-tiered intelligent security system with smart features to ensure peace of mind. Two-tiered perimeter fencing, CCTVs, access card system and a vigilant patrol team to keep this sanctuary a safe haven for you and your family.  Neighbours mingle freely and safely here. 
Naturalistic landscaping. Life is calming and fulfilling.
With nature as inspiration, every landscaped scene within Dolomite Templer awakens a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural wonders surrounding this enchanting development. Here, every nook and corner is a world full of discovery and wonderment.
Tropical botanical arboretum │Kids adventure park │Lookout tower & suspension bridge │Cascading stream │Sculpture park
Private clubhouse with resort inspired facilities. Endless pleasures.
Fancy a lazy afternoon by the pool with the gentle breeze caressing? Or expanding energy on the treadmill and lifting those weights? Perhaps neither if you are just seeking a quiet corner at the café for a cuppa. Be pampered and be pumped up at Dolomite Templer’s clubhouse. Your choice of luxury.
Infinity pool | Multi-purpose hall | Gymnasium with panoramic view | Cafeteria | Tennis courts | Games room